LG Shine: A Twinkling Little Star

The LG Shine KE970 is in every sense a gorgeous phone that has an amazing call quality. Excellence of its camera unit is also another reason for its popularity. The innovative design of the handset makes your LG Shine a twinkling star in the world of mobile phone industry.

LG Shine looks quite lovely in its slider phone design. Its smooth and polished metal cover provides the posh outlook of the handset. When you hold it in your palm, you can feel its solid nature. The sturdy nature of its slider prevents the handset from the risk of getting slipped down from hand. The cute mobile phone weighs 4.4 ounces and measures 3.9x2x 0.54 inches. It is indeed quite easy to slide it into your pocket. The very first look at it itself reveals why the handset is christened as Shine. The exterior is glossy and lustrous.

Your LG Shine literally glitters when light falls on its mirrored side. This handy mirror acts as your trusted confidence booster before a party. LG Shine can boast of an excellent screen resolution of 240x320 pixels. The broad screen of 2.25 inch lies below the mirror. The display is made dazzling with the help of 256,000 colours and highly detailed graphics. The menu interface of the handset is easily comprehendible. The reasonably large scroll bar set that is placed between two keys adds to its user-friendly nature. This can be effectively used to move back and front through the menu.

LG Shine has room for 1000 contacts and four numbers can be saved under each. You can also store the names of contacts as separate groups with an assigned ring tone. The technical perfections of LG Shine include e-mail support, a voice recorder, a speakerphone and Bluetooth support. The camera unit of the handset comes endowed with unique features such as a self-timer, four colour effects, an adjustable white-balance setting, a choice of shutter sounds etc. The 2 megapixel camera offers you a choice of two resolutions in order to provide the touch of professional perfection o your snaps. Camcorder, music player and headphones are other privileges that you can enjoy with LG Shine.

LG KU990 Viewty: Perfect Photo Phone

LG Viewty is often called as ‘the complete camera phone’. This is very much true since the snaps captured by it can compete with even those of any modern digital camera. It is complete in every other department also. The unique design and innovative features proclaim that Viewty is here to stay.

The most attractive wing of LG KU990 Viewty is its camera unit that comprises a 5-megapixel camera. The handset is gifted with such perfect camera features that you are left to wonder whether this is a camera with a phone or a phone with camera. Its 16x digital zoom, DVD quality playback, video recording at a fast-paced rate of 120 frames per second etc contribute to the efficiency shown by the handset camera. Autofocus and xenon flash are added advantages. Indeed, a lot of power rests behind the black frame of your LG Viewty. Along with technical perfection, excellence in design and style certainly contributes to its popularity.

LG has taken special care in order to ensure that its KU990 Viewty looks good. The handset is sure to be placed in the list of the best-looking camera phones. Viewty is light and has an extremely functional design. The large touchscreen with three buttons towards its end is moulded in an attractive manner. The shutter key and mode switch are placed towards the right of the device. The shutter key that is smooth to use is a feature not seen in many other camera phone models. The highly sensitive touchscreen with its quick response ability provides effective feedback on mere taps on the display.

LG Viewty has got extremely finger-friendly icons placed on it. The general layout is also good-looking. Like its image quality, Viewty excels in audio quality as well. Sound is clear and loud while calls are being made. The relatively large screen of the handset makes space for excellent video calling facility. Your KU990 Viewty also facilitates high quality web browsing. The handset enables you to view complete web pages at minimised size. Those sections of which you want to have a better view can be zoomed as well.

LG Shine: Really Shines

The new LG U970 Shine is 3G mobile phone comes in a luxurious stainless steel casing with a beautiful mirror effect screen, making it an easy to operate slide opening mechanism that slides open beautifully to reveal the phone’s keypad. The large mobile screen is capable of providing up to 262,000 colours for the user to enjoy a clear and colourful viewing experience. The external appearance of the mobile handset has attracted the users making them really go crazy for it. The U970 Shine phone comes with multi-function scroll keys that will help the user to scroll up, scroll down and press the key for making a selection.

The LG U970 Shine is a slim and easy to hold handset that is 14mm in thickness, 51mm wide, 98mm in length and weighing 119 grams, making it a light 3G phone. The mobile phone comes with a built-in camera feature that helps the user in capturing photos up to 1600 x 1200 in size. The 2-megapixel digital camera complete with a Schneider Kreuznach lens provides the user with a high quality camera lens that ensures perfect shot at any part of the day. The auto focus camera feature with a 2 x digital zoom, and flash feature is most suitable for the photographic needs.

The user can store treasured photos in the photo gallery, remove unwanted photos by deleting them and can even share the photos with others using the MMS service or email service. It is possible for the user to store video recording in the video gallery or share it using MMS service, e-mail service or Bluetooth wireless technology bringing an element of fun and entertainment into it. The LG U970 Shine comes with a mobile e-mail service, MMS multimedia messaging service, SMS text messaging service & EMS enhanced messaging service, making things more beneficial and useful for the user.

LG U830: Stylish and intelligent

Known for its luxurious mobile products, the company again introduces a new mobile phone, the LG U830 – a perfect combination of style with perfection. Adding more power with 3G technology, the device always keeps your ahead of time. Packed with high-end features, the device takes care of your personal as well as professional world with ease. Hold the device in your hand and enjoy browsing exciting and fun features, anytime-anywhere.

Inspired by its predecessor, the most popular LG chocolate, the new LGU830 has been distinctively designed and more new features have been added to suit consumers needs. With mirror finish material, the device accentuates seductive feel to the user. To add more zing, the phone comes in a sleek piano clamshell form. Featuring a wide QVGA screen, it provides an excellent interface for watching phone features. With a thickness of only 14.8mm, the device is very slim and easily slips into the pocket.

Boasting a 2.0 mega-pixel camera, the LG U830 is an excellent camera phone. Shoot pictures and share with friends and family via MMS and email. With an in-built memory of 200MB, there is enough space to save images. And via Bluetooth wireless technology, you can transfer music tracks, videos and images without using a wire. Bluetooth is one of the most important features in most of the mobile phones. Go wireless and feel the freedom on the move.

Powered by HSDPA (3.5G), the LG U830 offers connectivity ease. Enjoy sharing fast data swiftly or browse broadband speed mobile Internet. Send and receive emails or check news updates. With LG U830, you are always connected with the world. The LG U830 in addition to its stunning looks never compromises on phone features. Let’s have more fun with the LG U830 – your ideal choice.

LG KE970 shine – a very attractive and performance rich mobile phone

In the lack Label Series, LG has launched a new device, the LG KE970 shine – a very attractive and performance rich mobile phone. The handset borrows it name shine from its appealing looks and mirror effect mobile casing. Built on slider mechanism, the handset comes with a large and shimmering mirror effect screen and allows easy scrolling of phone menus. Slide open the phone and a large intuitive keypad appears – touch the button and explore unlimited features that are hidden inside.
Featuring a large 2.2 inch TFT screen with mirror effect offers an excellent interface for watching videos, pictures and uncompromising phone features. Moreover, the device offers an array of options to suit consumers busy mobile lifestyle. The LG KE 970 shine offers a 2.0 mega-pixel camera, messaging services, music player and lots more. And with 1GB of built-in phone memory – the device allows more rooms for music, videos and other documents. Get more with the LG KE 970 shine.

Weighing only 115g, the device has a compact dimension of 98 x 51 x 14 mm. With its slim profile, it never compromises on phone features. Moreover, the phone also offers advanced technologies such as Bluetooth, USB, GPRS, WAP and XHTML – connect and share heavy data with or without wires. Surf the net, synchronise emails and keep you updated with the latest news and information.

The LG KE970 shine is an excellent camera phone. Capture special moments with an integrated 2.0 mega-pixel camera. With additional camera features such as autofocus, flash with up to 2x digital zoom, photo setting and more, the device ensures perfect picture quality. Take picture and share with friends and family via MMS. What's more, download or transfer your favourite music tracks via Bluetooth or USB cable and play music tracks on the move.

The tri-band GSM enabled phone always keeps you stay in touch with the people and the world, wherever you go. LG KE970 shine , LG U970 Shine

LG U970 (Shine) – Growing popularity of fashion phones

With the growing popularity of fashion phones, the manufacturers have taken a penchant for glossy and shiny surface of handsets. And when it comes to glean and glisten, no handset does a job better than LG Shine. Truly sleek and sophisticated, LG Shine is a real time head turning gadget.

The phone comes wrapped in stainless steel casing. This encompasses the LG shine with a nice gleam, and makes it quite alluring as well. Yes, it becomes a bit hefty but the robust feel makes it unlike the cheap plastic phones, whose durability is raises eyebrows at times. The front fascia of the handset is dominated by a large screen. And the screen is the show stealer here. The screen is so reflective that it feels like one is holding a mirror in the hand. Sure, it is a gift for ladies who are conscious of their looks, but the glossy screen does pose a little problem when it comes to durability. The screen of LG Shine is so prone to finger prints.

Flicking up LG Shine reveals a flat keypad. The keypad is also made up of steel and its numbers backlit with blue neon. The slider mechanism is solid and is easy to operate. The scroll wheel beneath is not really that impressive but if you are not very nagging, and then it won't raise your blood pressure either. With a solid style, the LG shine is also endowed with some entertainment features. To begin with, the handset comes with a 2 MP camera, along with flash and digital zoom. There is also an option for photo album and video gallery. For music, the handset comes with a competent music player and a FM player.

And for some serious business, the LG shine has tri-band network that works over GSM 900, GSM 1800 and GSM 1900, integrated browser, Bluetooth technology and number of lifestyle features. The phone allows 3 hours talk time and 280 hours standby.

LG KG800: Soaring temptation.

The advent of designer phones has given a whole new meaning to mobile phones. Now, you do not need to carry those brick-shaped heavy mobile phones, when you get other cool options with designer handsets. All the leading handsets manufactures have been offering various designer handsets, but a very few of these handsets really stand out of the clutter. The LG Chocolate phones are the true example of mobile art with loads to offer. The LG Chocolate phones are not all about designing, but they do offer a lot in substantial features.

Blending all the right elements in the right way, the LG KG 800 Chocolate phone brings a sheer delight for mobile phone users. This phone is endowed with a touch-sensitive navigation system. This elegant piece of mobile art is available in black and white colours – perfect combination to create that desired impact. On the other hand, the LG KG800 comes with a sleek black design, which looks quite enticing with its hidden key pad. With all such things, it seems as if the LG KG800 Chocolate phone has been designed after a thorough research and planning. Surely, this exquisite mobile phone never fails to impress you.

The LG KG800 Chocolate phone is not about stunning looks only, but it does take a good care of your requirements by offering so much in compatible features. It is endowed with an intuitive TFT display, which lets you enjoy a great viewing experience. Moreover, the LG KG800 also supports the popular Tri-Band technology, which ensures unparalleled connectivity across the five continents.

Enjoy music the way you want with the LG KG800. Its dynamic MP3 player is further supported by different equaliser and random playback – enjoy music to the fullest like never before. As far as memory is concerned, the LG KG800 Chocolate comes with 128MB of inbuilt memory, which is quite good to hoard all your favourite stuff. Enjoy your mobile life and add all the desired style to it with your LG KG800 Chocolate phone.

LG U890 – A powerful communication device

Resembling the LG U880, the LG U890 improves upon its predecessor by having a stylish keypad and a glossy display screen. Also, the handset comes in a lighter version, as compared to the earlier video phones. The total weight of LG U890 is 99 grams.

In terms of design, the Lg U890 comes with a flip mechanism. The flip is sturdy to operate, meaning that the handset is durable and will not break when being operated by tough hands. The blue and silver colour scheme is attractive and endows the phone with a distinct appeal. Flipped open, the Lg U890 reveals an attractive keypad, which looks a lot like Motorola RAZR V3. The keys are very flat and have a brushed aluminum finish.

The external screen displays most of the necessary information. It includes shows time, date, battery life and reception. Beneath the screen is three dedicated media buttons. These are quite helpful for the ones who would want to make full fledged use of Mp3 functionalities.

The LG U840' s display is clear and effective. Thus, photos and videos comes out nice and apt. The controls are well spaced out and both general use and SMS messaging are simple. While the main Menu uses a 3 x 4 grid system of animated menu icons.

The U890 has a 1.3 megapixel camera mounted on a rotating hinge. Thus, both video calling and picture clicking is allowed. The camera has plenty of features. The highlights of which includes - image resolutions quite high, 2x digital zoom, exposure settings, self timer and white balance (Auto, Daylight, Cloudy, Illuminate, Indoors).

Other features that make up Lg U890 are Bluetooth and USB connectivity, polyphonic ringtones, speakerphone, a plethora of messaging services, WAP 2.0, Java games and a microSD slot for increased memory options.

The U890 offers 130 hours of standby time and five hours of talk time.

LG KE970: prepare to be bedazzled

The LG KE970, also popularly known as the LG Shine is the second in line of the highly acclaimed Black Label series. Expectations from the LG KE970 or the LG Shine were very high after the tremendous response received by the earlier Black Label handset – the LG Chocolate. The LG KE970 is completely opposite of the LG Chocolate. The LG KE970 boasts of a very shiny stainless steel casing against the black Chocolate.

Being a part of the same Black Label series, the LG KE970 maintains the same simplistic sophistication. A minimalist shiny stainless steel casing with high reflective index is responsible for the name 'Shine' that is more popular than the traditional alpha-numeric KE970. The high definition 2.2 inch TFT screen too sports a mirror effect, thereby making the LG KE970 a real time substitute of mirror for a quick hair check! A row of conventional keys on the top slide and highly tactile numeric keys are much easier than the unresponsive touch sensitive keys.

Unlike other fashion phones that are high on style and abysmally low on functionality, the LG KE970's shine only starts with its glamorous outlook. The sleek slider is equipped with a 2.0 megapixel digital camera to shoot awe inspiring pictures with resolution as high as 1600x1200 pixels. Though not positioned as a camera phone, the LG KE970 has all advanced mobile imaging features like autofocus, digital zoom, integrated flash and various special effects.

The LG KE970 supports tri-band GSM network and shifts bands automatically to give you a seamless voice network reception across the globe. The handset can also be turned into a internet surfing wizard with its built in GPRS and EDGE technology. Browse the internet for desired information and contents with the WAP 2.0/xHTML browser and download it directly to the LG Shine. 50 Mb internal memory and external memory card support has enough space for anything you might like to download.

LG U880 Pink: go the 3G way.

The LG U880 Pink is an ultra sleek 3G clamshell design mobile phone is even lighter than many 2G phones. The handset supports 3G networks and can support faster data packet transfer for data intensive features like 3G video calling and video streaming. All these functions and many others are squeezed into the petite clamshell that weighs mere 99 grams.

The 65k coloured, external TFT display of the LG U880 Pink holds out all necessary information you'd need while in closed position. Smooth texture of the LG U880 Pink compliments the overall persona of the mobile phone deals. The primary display of the LG U880 Pink is TFT based, capable of producing more than 262k vibrant colours. The display doubles up as a viewfinder while on camera mode also as a video screen while on video calls apart from serving the 'regular' purpose of a display.

This 3G mobile phone supports triband GSM networks across the globe in more than hundred countries across five continents. High speed data connectivity through GPRS other than 3G or local transfer of information via Bluetooth or USB – the LG U880 Pink has it all. Enjoy the high definition sound of the integrated media player on dual speaker system. A decent user memory 75 Mb can be further upgraded via expandable memory card slot.

The LG U880 Pink has a 1.3 megapixel integrated camera that has a 180 degrees rotating lens. The rotating lens negates the need for a secondary camera for video calls across UMTS networks. You can use the integrated camera of the LG U880 Pink to capture stills in resolution as high as 1280x960 pixels. If one can pick up a LG U880 Pink in a clearance deal, this could be a great start to the world of 3G communication. With so many options available, finding a LG U880 Pink Clearance deal should not be a problem.

LG Shine sim free phone to get more than you want

Mobile world is not only about wonders, but it is also about consistently changing trends. You never know, a mobile handset, which has been acclaimed as the finest one a month ago might lying under the clutter – as our preferences do change with a same speed like the mobile technology progresses. Hence, every leading handset manufacturer does a comprehensive research and put the best efforts to create a new handset.

The LG Shine is once such dynamic gizmo, which has been duly designed with breathtaking looks, which are very well complemented by superb functionalities. Earlier, it was a sheer battle to produce music, multimedia or camera phones, but now the focus is shifted on good looking phones, which also support all these features. The LG Chocolate was the most happening thing after the couple of days of its release, but now its about LG Shine – which has been consistently shining and it is here for a very long time.

The LG Shine is a good looking phone, just like the LG Chocolate, but it moves ahead with its compatible features. It is like a perfect treat for all those who adore fashion phones, which can also perform various tasks like other phones. This designing wonder has been named as Shine because of its stainless steel casing, which shines very well to leave you awestruck. It has been further endowed with a larger 2.2 inch screen, which provides a mirror look. This mirror is too good and adds that desired impact in the overall looks of the LG Shine. On the other hand, its outer cover is diligently finished up to make it a soothing device, whenever you will hold this gadget. It’s like a jewel and you would certainly feel good to have this one.

Offering more than just looks, the LG Shine comes equipped with a checkerboard keypad with a slider mechanism. This allows you to get an easy access to all the major functions. It is also loaded with a 2 mega pixels camera and other assisting features with auto flash, zoom and auto focus – make the most of it by capturing all those defined moments. Furthermore, you can also enjoy music on its music player. To get the best deals of this gadget, you can easily go for the LG Shine sim free phone to get more than you want – with additional offers. So, bring your LG Shine and feel the difference by adding loads of desired style in your life.

LG U880 Pink: The colour of style.

If you are looking to buy a mobile phone which is good looking, as well as, is studded with outstanding features LG U880 Pink can be an ideal choice. The handset can be tagged as the slimmest and lightest handset available in the product portfolio of LG. Packed with mesmerizing multimedia features including digital camera, music player, 3G video calling and Bluetooth.

The attractive LG U880 Pink has a well-spaced keypad for intuitive typing of texts and dedicated buttons makes it easy for you to use various features available in your mobile with hassles. The navigational key allows you to gets access to main menu and other functions with ease.

The LG U880 Pink mobile phone sports two display interface, an internal and the other external display. The internal display is large and vibrant with 262K colours. A 1.3 mega-pixel digital camera allows you click print-quality snaps. The handset has good imaging options to help you click quality images. Share the images you have shot with your camera phone with buddies and family members. With video-calling facility, see how the person on other side is doing across any geographical distance.

Quality music on your mobile phone. The LG U880 Pink comes with a high-quality Windows media player to help you enjoy music on the move. Transfer your favourite tracks from your personal computer to the handset and carry your music library wherever you go. relax after a day's toil by playing Java games.

The 3G handset has an internal memory of 80MB of internal memory which can be expanded using microSD card slot. A range of personalization features allow you to add your personal touch to your favourite gizmo. Good voice and reception quality keeps you stay connected and talk uninterruptedly.

LG U8360: Clamshell design, cool features

Draped in sleek and stylish outfit, the LG U8360 mobile phone, appeals one and all with its power packed features. The first mobile phone from LG to have Bluetooth technology, the handset makes sharing images, songs and other mobile content from your mobile phone an effortless and pleasurable exercise.

Your LG U8360 comes in a trendy clamshell design with an external antenna stub. The handset weighs around 132g which makes it easy to carry. Featuring dual display screens: A 262K colors (176x220 pixels) TFT internal display and an external display with (96x96 pixels) 65K STN. The external display allows you to see time, the calling number etc., without opening the handset.

The tri-band 3G handset offers the latest and the best in entertainment- which makes it a perfect companion for you. The LG U8360 boasts of a rotating 1.3-megapixel camera and vibrant colour displays which complements the U8360's 3G capabilities. With a 1.3-megapixel camera and the expandable memory, the handset is perfect for shooting and storing print quality pictures.

The gizmo also offers quality music on the move. Store all your favourite MP3 files and listen them on an integrated MP3 player, with enhanced sound quality- all thanks to MIDI technology. The compact LG mobile phone also has a Windows Media Player and an e-mail client to help you work while you are traveling.

The menu of LG U8360 is laid out in a 3 x 4 grid complete with animated icons representing each menu and is simple and intuitive to use. The phone boasts of versatile connectivity options like Bluetooth and USB to help you connect your mobile phone with external devices. The battery life of the handset is commendable and can last around 3 to 4 days in normal usage. With a standby time of 221 hours and talk time of 220 minutes, your LG U8360 is always ready to perform.

Experience Black Magic: LG U830

An ace member of the chocolate phone series, the LG U830 mobile phone commands respect by conflating beauty and facility. The handset enchants with its stark black color. The surface is silky and complements the phone's style. The handset is spruced with a set of neatly defined keys. The clamshell chocolate opens to look tall and sturdy.

It is a phone laced with 3G technology and is amongst the lightest handsets to wield it. It weighs 93 grams and is 98x48x14.8 mm in dimension. It is a super slim handset for a 3G phone. The screen is large --2.2 inches -- and evinces a resolution of 240x320 pixels. The TFT screen has 256K colors. It brings quality to the pictures and videos stored in the phone's memory. The phone's external display is purported to furnish names and numbers of callers in the folded state. It is conferred with 128x160 pixel resolution, which is commensurable with the function of the second display.

The tri-band technology is combined with the abilities of UMTS in the phone. This makes the phone access different networks while traveling. The LG U830 phone employs GPRS to impel data transfer. The HSDPA technology accelerates this speed further. Bluetooth and USB interface equip users to exchange applications and data between the handset and compatible devices.

Users can also avail the numerous messaging options and correspond with friends and associates using the Short Message Service, Multimedia Message Service, Enhanced Message Service, and Email. WAP 2.0 and xHTML browsers unleash browsing options. Entertainment is conceded by embedded and downloadable Java Games.

The phone has a 2 mega pixel camera that concedes immense clarity to videos and pictures. It also has a second VGA camera, which facilitates video calling. The black clamshell entices with charms of serviceability.

LG Shine: Protean Shine

LG Shine is a metonym for the LG KE970 phone. The distinguishable facet of the phone is its dazzling exterior. The handset is a compendium of handsome looks and functional features. The 2.2 inch, TFT 256K colour screen exudes mirror effect in the stand-by and/or closed modes. It is this aspect of the device that wins it the title of LG Shine.

The LG Shine phone does not merely consist of a lambent exterior. It comprises of an array of features that make it an all-round dazzler. The handset is attributed with sound imaging qualities. It has a 2 mega pixel camera with Flash and Digital Zoom. Photo Album and Video Gallery store still images and motion pictures, respectively. The stored images can be use to customize the display by setting them as Wallpapers or Screen Savers.

The LG Shine phone offers messaging options aplenty. It supports composition and exchange of text messages, multimedia messages, as well as emails. The user can avail the choice of two browsers to access internet. The phone uses the intuitive T-9 mechanism, which issues predictive texts as you type a word. This helps mitigate typing effort and accelerates speed.

The phone claims a simple sound functionality. The Music Player runs songs in Mp3 format. Mp3 and Polyphonic tunes can be set as ringtones. Entertainment is accorded in the form of games, which are embedded in the phone and can also be downloaded. The phone is compatible with Java games as well.

The Tri-band technology ensures seamless connectivity. USB, GPRS, and Bluetooth smooth the process of data transfer. The phone has a non expandable internal memory of 1 Gb. The LG Shine phone shines in all aspects and casts a spell on an onlooker.