LG KE970: prepare to be bedazzled

The LG KE970, also popularly known as the LG Shine is the second in line of the highly acclaimed Black Label series. Expectations from the LG KE970 or the LG Shine were very high after the tremendous response received by the earlier Black Label handset – the LG Chocolate. The LG KE970 is completely opposite of the LG Chocolate. The LG KE970 boasts of a very shiny stainless steel casing against the black Chocolate.

Being a part of the same Black Label series, the LG KE970 maintains the same simplistic sophistication. A minimalist shiny stainless steel casing with high reflective index is responsible for the name 'Shine' that is more popular than the traditional alpha-numeric KE970. The high definition 2.2 inch TFT screen too sports a mirror effect, thereby making the LG KE970 a real time substitute of mirror for a quick hair check! A row of conventional keys on the top slide and highly tactile numeric keys are much easier than the unresponsive touch sensitive keys.

Unlike other fashion phones that are high on style and abysmally low on functionality, the LG KE970's shine only starts with its glamorous outlook. The sleek slider is equipped with a 2.0 megapixel digital camera to shoot awe inspiring pictures with resolution as high as 1600x1200 pixels. Though not positioned as a camera phone, the LG KE970 has all advanced mobile imaging features like autofocus, digital zoom, integrated flash and various special effects.

The LG KE970 supports tri-band GSM network and shifts bands automatically to give you a seamless voice network reception across the globe. The handset can also be turned into a internet surfing wizard with its built in GPRS and EDGE technology. Browse the internet for desired information and contents with the WAP 2.0/xHTML browser and download it directly to the LG Shine. 50 Mb internal memory and external memory card support has enough space for anything you might like to download.

LG U880 Pink: go the 3G way.

The LG U880 Pink is an ultra sleek 3G clamshell design mobile phone is even lighter than many 2G phones. The handset supports 3G networks and can support faster data packet transfer for data intensive features like 3G video calling and video streaming. All these functions and many others are squeezed into the petite clamshell that weighs mere 99 grams.

The 65k coloured, external TFT display of the LG U880 Pink holds out all necessary information you'd need while in closed position. Smooth texture of the LG U880 Pink compliments the overall persona of the mobile phone deals. The primary display of the LG U880 Pink is TFT based, capable of producing more than 262k vibrant colours. The display doubles up as a viewfinder while on camera mode also as a video screen while on video calls apart from serving the 'regular' purpose of a display.

This 3G mobile phone supports triband GSM networks across the globe in more than hundred countries across five continents. High speed data connectivity through GPRS other than 3G or local transfer of information via Bluetooth or USB – the LG U880 Pink has it all. Enjoy the high definition sound of the integrated media player on dual speaker system. A decent user memory 75 Mb can be further upgraded via expandable memory card slot.

The LG U880 Pink has a 1.3 megapixel integrated camera that has a 180 degrees rotating lens. The rotating lens negates the need for a secondary camera for video calls across UMTS networks. You can use the integrated camera of the LG U880 Pink to capture stills in resolution as high as 1280x960 pixels. If one can pick up a LG U880 Pink in a clearance deal, this could be a great start to the world of 3G communication. With so many options available, finding a LG U880 Pink Clearance deal should not be a problem.

LG Shine sim free phone to get more than you want

Mobile world is not only about wonders, but it is also about consistently changing trends. You never know, a mobile handset, which has been acclaimed as the finest one a month ago might lying under the clutter – as our preferences do change with a same speed like the mobile technology progresses. Hence, every leading handset manufacturer does a comprehensive research and put the best efforts to create a new handset.

The LG Shine is once such dynamic gizmo, which has been duly designed with breathtaking looks, which are very well complemented by superb functionalities. Earlier, it was a sheer battle to produce music, multimedia or camera phones, but now the focus is shifted on good looking phones, which also support all these features. The LG Chocolate was the most happening thing after the couple of days of its release, but now its about LG Shine – which has been consistently shining and it is here for a very long time.

The LG Shine is a good looking phone, just like the LG Chocolate, but it moves ahead with its compatible features. It is like a perfect treat for all those who adore fashion phones, which can also perform various tasks like other phones. This designing wonder has been named as Shine because of its stainless steel casing, which shines very well to leave you awestruck. It has been further endowed with a larger 2.2 inch screen, which provides a mirror look. This mirror is too good and adds that desired impact in the overall looks of the LG Shine. On the other hand, its outer cover is diligently finished up to make it a soothing device, whenever you will hold this gadget. It’s like a jewel and you would certainly feel good to have this one.

Offering more than just looks, the LG Shine comes equipped with a checkerboard keypad with a slider mechanism. This allows you to get an easy access to all the major functions. It is also loaded with a 2 mega pixels camera and other assisting features with auto flash, zoom and auto focus – make the most of it by capturing all those defined moments. Furthermore, you can also enjoy music on its music player. To get the best deals of this gadget, you can easily go for the LG Shine sim free phone to get more than you want – with additional offers. So, bring your LG Shine and feel the difference by adding loads of desired style in your life.