LG U880 Pink: The colour of style.

If you are looking to buy a mobile phone which is good looking, as well as, is studded with outstanding features LG U880 Pink can be an ideal choice. The handset can be tagged as the slimmest and lightest handset available in the product portfolio of LG. Packed with mesmerizing multimedia features including digital camera, music player, 3G video calling and Bluetooth.

The attractive LG U880 Pink has a well-spaced keypad for intuitive typing of texts and dedicated buttons makes it easy for you to use various features available in your mobile with hassles. The navigational key allows you to gets access to main menu and other functions with ease.

The LG U880 Pink mobile phone sports two display interface, an internal and the other external display. The internal display is large and vibrant with 262K colours. A 1.3 mega-pixel digital camera allows you click print-quality snaps. The handset has good imaging options to help you click quality images. Share the images you have shot with your camera phone with buddies and family members. With video-calling facility, see how the person on other side is doing across any geographical distance.

Quality music on your mobile phone. The LG U880 Pink comes with a high-quality Windows media player to help you enjoy music on the move. Transfer your favourite tracks from your personal computer to the handset and carry your music library wherever you go. relax after a day's toil by playing Java games.

The 3G handset has an internal memory of 80MB of internal memory which can be expanded using microSD card slot. A range of personalization features allow you to add your personal touch to your favourite gizmo. Good voice and reception quality keeps you stay connected and talk uninterruptedly.

LG U8360: Clamshell design, cool features

Draped in sleek and stylish outfit, the LG U8360 mobile phone, appeals one and all with its power packed features. The first mobile phone from LG to have Bluetooth technology, the handset makes sharing images, songs and other mobile content from your mobile phone an effortless and pleasurable exercise.

Your LG U8360 comes in a trendy clamshell design with an external antenna stub. The handset weighs around 132g which makes it easy to carry. Featuring dual display screens: A 262K colors (176x220 pixels) TFT internal display and an external display with (96x96 pixels) 65K STN. The external display allows you to see time, the calling number etc., without opening the handset.

The tri-band 3G handset offers the latest and the best in entertainment- which makes it a perfect companion for you. The LG U8360 boasts of a rotating 1.3-megapixel camera and vibrant colour displays which complements the U8360's 3G capabilities. With a 1.3-megapixel camera and the expandable memory, the handset is perfect for shooting and storing print quality pictures.

The gizmo also offers quality music on the move. Store all your favourite MP3 files and listen them on an integrated MP3 player, with enhanced sound quality- all thanks to MIDI technology. The compact LG mobile phone also has a Windows Media Player and an e-mail client to help you work while you are traveling.

The menu of LG U8360 is laid out in a 3 x 4 grid complete with animated icons representing each menu and is simple and intuitive to use. The phone boasts of versatile connectivity options like Bluetooth and USB to help you connect your mobile phone with external devices. The battery life of the handset is commendable and can last around 3 to 4 days in normal usage. With a standby time of 221 hours and talk time of 220 minutes, your LG U8360 is always ready to perform.

Experience Black Magic: LG U830

An ace member of the chocolate phone series, the LG U830 mobile phone commands respect by conflating beauty and facility. The handset enchants with its stark black color. The surface is silky and complements the phone's style. The handset is spruced with a set of neatly defined keys. The clamshell chocolate opens to look tall and sturdy.

It is a phone laced with 3G technology and is amongst the lightest handsets to wield it. It weighs 93 grams and is 98x48x14.8 mm in dimension. It is a super slim handset for a 3G phone. The screen is large --2.2 inches -- and evinces a resolution of 240x320 pixels. The TFT screen has 256K colors. It brings quality to the pictures and videos stored in the phone's memory. The phone's external display is purported to furnish names and numbers of callers in the folded state. It is conferred with 128x160 pixel resolution, which is commensurable with the function of the second display.

The tri-band technology is combined with the abilities of UMTS in the phone. This makes the phone access different networks while traveling. The LG U830 phone employs GPRS to impel data transfer. The HSDPA technology accelerates this speed further. Bluetooth and USB interface equip users to exchange applications and data between the handset and compatible devices.

Users can also avail the numerous messaging options and correspond with friends and associates using the Short Message Service, Multimedia Message Service, Enhanced Message Service, and Email. WAP 2.0 and xHTML browsers unleash browsing options. Entertainment is conceded by embedded and downloadable Java Games.

The phone has a 2 mega pixel camera that concedes immense clarity to videos and pictures. It also has a second VGA camera, which facilitates video calling. The black clamshell entices with charms of serviceability.

LG Shine: Protean Shine

LG Shine is a metonym for the LG KE970 phone. The distinguishable facet of the phone is its dazzling exterior. The handset is a compendium of handsome looks and functional features. The 2.2 inch, TFT 256K colour screen exudes mirror effect in the stand-by and/or closed modes. It is this aspect of the device that wins it the title of LG Shine.

The LG Shine phone does not merely consist of a lambent exterior. It comprises of an array of features that make it an all-round dazzler. The handset is attributed with sound imaging qualities. It has a 2 mega pixel camera with Flash and Digital Zoom. Photo Album and Video Gallery store still images and motion pictures, respectively. The stored images can be use to customize the display by setting them as Wallpapers or Screen Savers.

The LG Shine phone offers messaging options aplenty. It supports composition and exchange of text messages, multimedia messages, as well as emails. The user can avail the choice of two browsers to access internet. The phone uses the intuitive T-9 mechanism, which issues predictive texts as you type a word. This helps mitigate typing effort and accelerates speed.

The phone claims a simple sound functionality. The Music Player runs songs in Mp3 format. Mp3 and Polyphonic tunes can be set as ringtones. Entertainment is accorded in the form of games, which are embedded in the phone and can also be downloaded. The phone is compatible with Java games as well.

The Tri-band technology ensures seamless connectivity. USB, GPRS, and Bluetooth smooth the process of data transfer. The phone has a non expandable internal memory of 1 Gb. The LG Shine phone shines in all aspects and casts a spell on an onlooker.